Bainbridge Island Rowing
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Lakeside Scrimmage 2019

Friendly Scrimmage with Lakeside and SK

Saturday morning, April 20, 2019, Lakeside and South Kitsap rowers arrived in Eagle Harbor for a friendly scrimmage with Bainbridge Rowing. At the same time, BIR novice rowers headed over to Kenmore to meet Lakeside in Lake Washington. For...

Bainbridge Island Rowing - New Ergs

BIR Gets New Ergs Through BIPF Community Grant

An erg is a rowing machine, something that plays a very important role in the lives of rowers. Bainbridge Island Rowing athletes use them all the time for training, especially in the winter when they are off the water, and with so much use the...

Salt Watta Regatta 2019

Salt Watta Regatta 2019: Photo Gallery

Sunday, March 10, was a perfect day—calm and dry and partly sunny—for a regatta. BIR was lucky to have picked it for its Salt Watta Regatta 2019. The regatta was actually a sprint scrimmage pitting guest Olympic Area Rowing against the home crew...

Survival guide

Regattas on the Horizon: Your Survival Guide

The spring regatta season is about to begin, with the first event, the Salt Watta Regatta, scheduled for this Sunday, March 10, at home. (An earlier regatta against Holy Names has been postponed.) If you’ve never been to a regatta, you need...