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We are thrilled that you have found us and are interested in learning to row. Here at Bainbridge Island Rowing we believe that rowing changes lives through friendships, community, teamwork and the serenity of being out on the water.

Every spring through summer, we offer Learn to Row classes on the water. During the winter months, we offer ‘Learn to Erg’ classes indoors on the erg (rowing machine).



2023 Learn to Row

Learn to Row On-Water Sessions 

The format is a Weekend Intensive followed by skills development rowing sessions twice a week for two weeks. You are expected to commit to and attend all sessions.  Once you learned the skills and completed a Learn to Row class, you will have the opportunity to join our Open rowing group.

An essential part of BIR is safety and we require all participants that will be in our rowing shells to complete a float test. This is usually scheduled after a boathouse orientation on the evening of the first session at the Bainbridge Island Aquatics Center.

Learn to Row classes require a minimum enrollment of 4 people.


Learn to Row Session 1    |    March 9-22, 2023    |    $306

Thursday, March 9:  6:30-8:30pm (land)
Saturday,  March 11:  7:30am-12pm (water)
Sunday, March 12: 7:30am-12pm (water)
Mon,  March 13 / Wed, March 15 / Mon, March 20 / Wed, March 22: Evenings 6-8pm (water)

Learn to Row Session 2    |    May 18 – June 1, 2023    |    $306

Thursday, May 18:  6:30-8:30pm (land)
Saturday,  May 20:  1:30-6pm (water)
Sunday, May 21: 2-6:30pm (water)
Tues / Thurs. Evenings, May 23, 25, 30 and June 1, 6:15-8pm (water)


Learn to Row Session 3    |    June 15 – 29, 2023    |    $306

Thursday, June 15:  6:30-8:30pm (land)
Saturday,  June 17:  1:30-6pm (water)
Sunday, June 18: 2-6:30pm (water)
Tues / Thurs. Evenings,  June 20, 22, 27 and 29, 6:15-8pm (water)


Learn to Row Session 4    |    July 13-27, 2023    |    $306

Thursday, June 13:  6:30-8:30pm (land)
Saturday,  July 15:  1-5:30pm (water)
Sunday, June 16: 1-5:30pm (water)
Mon/Wed, July 17 and 19:  1:30-3:30pm (water)

Mon/Wed, July 24 and 26:  8:45-11am (water)



If you would like to register for a Learn to Row class please

Learn to Row - Please Register Here


Prerequisites for Learn to Row and Private Classes

All participants must complete the following prerequisites.

Float Test (for on the water rowing programs): ​This in-the-water task requires you, under the supervision of a certified lifeguard, to tread water in clothing for 10 minutes and don a personal flotation device in the water. BIR will be scheduling group float tests at the onset of each program. Outside of those sessions rowers may ask the BI Aquatic Center to administer a basic swim test, which will suffice until the next available BIR float-test session. Rowers are encouraged to “self-test” their ability to tread water for 10 minutes and put on a PFD during the final minute.

Physical Abilities: ​ You must be able to:

  • Bend your knees to the squat position.
  • Sustain aerobic activity for at least 15 minutes.
  • Lift 35 lbs. overhead (with assistance of your teammates) and walk up to 50 yards with the boat on your shoulder.
  • Be flexible enough to get in and out of the rowing shell from knee-deep water.


Private Lessons

If you cannot participate in our Learn to Row classes, or you want a refresher class after returning to rowing after a long absence, we offer private lessons with our coaches during the spring and summer.

Age: Open to ages 18 years and up. For athletes ages 14-18, please check out the BIR Junior Programs.

Private coaching rates:

  • $80 for one 1-1/2 hour lesson for up to two people
  • $300 for a package of four 1-1/2 hour lessons. Package classes can be split up into several sessions. Two person maximum for each lesson.

To connect with one of our private coaches, email stating what you are interested in and possible scheduling needs.



Questions?  If you would like more information, please email