Bainbridge Island Rowing

BIR Juniors Winter Season 2020-2021

The BIR Winter Training Program for Juniors is designed by BIR coaches to build strength and endurance safely during the winter season to prepare our athletes for a competitive Spring season.

BIR Winter Conditioning is open to ALL current rowers and ALL students in grades 9-12.

Winter Conditioning starts on Monday, November 16th 2020 and ends Friday, January 29, 2021

The focus of the program will be to build on personal levels of fitness in a supportive and collaborative environment. What better way to support online learning than with an active afternoon of erging, running, weight training, burpies, jumpies and more? Fun and camaraderie are also on the table, as is flexibility (both physically and mentally)…as we work to adjust to the ever-changing pandemic situation. We’re so pleased to be able to offer Winter Conditioning to our student athletes!

Times/Days/Locations: Monday-Friday 

  • Each pod-based practice will take place in shifts, occurring between 3:15 and 6:15pm, 5x/week.
  • Athletes will be notified of their shift time in advance of practice (ideally at the start of each week).
  • Social distancing and safety protocols, (including mask use) will be enforced as directed by WA State mandates.
  • Practices will take place both at the BIR Boathouse at Waterfront Park, and at various Island locations.


Winter Conditioning is dependent on WA State/Kitsap County maintaining or exceeding Phase 2 COVID-19 guidelines. If we can’t continue programs safely under pandamemic conditions, BIR will offer a refund based on the number of cancelled practices. All participants must understand and adhere to BIR Covid-19 safety protocol. This is critical to our ability to offer Winter Conditioning to our student athletes. Any athlete who cannot or will not follow this protocol will be immediately sent home. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THIS SEASON A SUCCESS! 

What to ExpectWinter Conditioning will consist of a combination of:Erging, strength-training (using resistance and weight training), running, and other cardio and strength improving activities…and maybe even some singles-based rowing (weather and staffing dependent).Our coaches will focus on challenging, meaningful and fun workouts.  Bethanee Randles and the staff of ELEVATE FITNESS will be ON SITE, guiding our athletes in strength training activities throughout the season. 

Please register today! Pre-registration is mandatory and allows us to plan and adhere to COVID safety protocol.


Winter Weather Cancellations: Winter Training will be cancelled in as needed to allow safe travel to/from practice. Coaches will communicate cancellations with rowers during the morning or early afternoon of practice.

Location: BIR Boathouse and various Island locations. Exact times and locations will be communicated to the athletes, typically at the start of each week.

Cost: $300. Athletes must have valid Basic USRowing memberships (even non-rowers)