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BIR COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

BIR COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

BIR has established a COVID-19 Safety Committee who have worked hard to create safety protocol which comply with State and Federal COVID-19 guidelines. These guidelines are to be followed by all rowers, staff and volunteers (as well as all visitors to the rowing center). Questions regarding our COVID-19 Safety Policies should be directed to

BIR COVID Guidance, Requirements and Procedures (subject to change based on current COVID-19 conditions in region).

“Up to Date Vaccination” (which may include a booster, depending on vaccine type and date given) is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED but at this time, not a requirement for all rowers.

Wearing a MASK indoors is not currently required (as of September 11, 2022). Rowers and guests to the boathouse are welcome to continue to wear masks at any time. Mask requirements may change based on outbreak levels.

BIR COVID-19 Safety Procedures:
1. Stay home if you are feeling sick. If you have had close contact (more than 15 minutes with less than 6’ separation within a 24- hour period) with a COVID-positive person, wear a mask at all times and use the CDC link below to learn the date of followup testing protocol. Report all positive cases to a coach (your own coach or any BIR coach).*
2. Sanitize hands upon arrival at the boathouse.
3. Disinfect erg handles after use.
4. Coxswains: use a finger cot over the cox microphone mouthpiece. Disinfect cox boxes and radios after use.
5. When erging indoors, space ergs several feet apart, open doors and turn on fans. Outdoors, space ergs at least 6 feet apart.

*If you feel sick or have been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID follow current CDC guidance for isolation:

If someone tests positive, we will follow a specific protocol for informing team members who may have been in close contact with the individual (more than 15 minutes with less than 6’ separation in 24 hours). Per federal law, the name of the infected person will be kept confidential.


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