Bainbridge Island Rowing
…a pic that captures the teamwork,  comraderie and excitement of rowing! Congrats to the Novice Boys +4 on their gold! A big shout out to Aaron Boccetti for some great images! More coming!
Thank you Coach Chelsea for this pic of the Girls Varsity boats from practice! 👏🏻👊🏻
…its the last week of practice before Regionals! Thank you to @amylnoel for capturing this while out on the launch! 🥰 Let’s go, BIR!
…we couldn’t do it without the moms! No, seriously. Happy Mother’s Day! 💙🤍💛
Early AM crew was treated to a surprise visit from two southern resident orcas cruising Eagle Harbor for breakfast this morning. According to the Orca Network, these guys are T65A3/ Amira and his brother T65A5/ Indy 😌 Video by Jr Coxswain Jonah Carleton. Thank you!
…now that’s a view! And look at our boats out there doing their thing! It’s like a dream! 😍 We love this image shared by @hotelandra!
…traffic jam in Portage Bay! Thank you @kay_dalan for the pic from Opening Day! #windermerecup