Bainbridge Island Rowing
Bainbridge Rowing Board of Directors Meeting

BIR Board of Directors

BIR is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a minimum of seven and a maximum of fifteen voted on by the membership. The Board exercises all the powers of the Corporation according to BIR Bylaws.

Although all directors are expected to take a broad view of the organization, at least one-third of serving Directors represent Masters (members beyond high school age), and at least one-third represent Juniors, including one Junior rower (a member enrolled in the high school rowing program). Up to two “at large” Directors may be appointed by the Board.

Directors serve a term of two years, without limit to the number of terms served. Terms shall be staggered so that approximately one-half of Directors stand for election at every annual meeting. Our custom has been to prepare a slate well ahead of the annual meeting. Candidate Directors are interviewed and recommended by a nominating committee appointed by the Board.

2017 Board Members

  • Sue Entress, President
  • John Foy, Vice-President
  • Marc Stewart, Secretary
  • Kurt Frost, Treasurer
  • Tom Coble
  • Tim Dore
  • Wendy Dymoke
  • Jennifer Ames-Karreman
  • Rob Hershberg
  • Patrick Batson
  • Michael Najarian
  • Ellen Hresko
  • Isabella King

Past Board Meeting Minutes