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Bainbridge Rowing Board of Directors Meeting

BIR Board of Directors

BIR is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a minimum of seven and a maximum of fifteen voted on by the membership. The Board exercises all the powers of the Corporation according to the BIR Bylaws.

Although all directors are expected to take a broad view of the organization, at least one-third of serving Directors represent Masters (members beyond high school age), and at least one-third represent Juniors and include one Junior rower (a member enrolled in the high school rowing program). Up to two “at large” Directors may be appointed by the Board.

Directors serve a term of two years, without limit to the number of terms served. Terms are staggered so that approximately one-half of the Directors stand for election at every annual meeting. Our custom has been to prepare a slate of candidates well ahead of the annual meeting. Candidate Directors are interviewed and recommended by a separate nominating committee appointed by the Board.

2017-2018 Board Members

Sue Entress - BIR Board - PresidentSue Entress – President

Sue’s involvement with Bainbridge Island Rowing began 6 years ago, when her then 14-year-old son was introduced to the sport through the BIR youth program. Sue has since learned to row herself through the masters program and is now a junior rower parent, competitive master rower, and varsity girls assistant coach.

She joined the BIR Board of Directors in 2016 and was elected Board President in 2017. She enjoys not only her time on the water with juniors and masters ranging in age from 14 to 84, but also the strong sense of community gained from the welcoming, all-inclusive program.

Sue holds a BFA degree from Carnegie Mellon University with a major in design and has 30 years of experience in corporate identity, graphic design, and packaging. Past clients include UPS, Quaker Oats, Texaco, American Express, Columbia University, Supervalu Grocery Stores, and the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, but some of her most rewarding work has been through ongoing projects with local nonprofit organizations, including Arts and Humanities Bainbridge, Bainbridge Arts and Crafts, and the Bainbridge Schools Foundation.

When not on the water, Sue and her active family enjoy the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest through hiking, backpacking and cross country skiing.

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John Foy - BIR Board - Vice PresidentJohn L. Foy – Vice President

John was born and raised in Miami, Florida, went to college in New England and graduate school in Michigan and then worked in Cincinnati, Baltimore, Bethesda, and Atlanta before moving to Bainbridge Island in 1998. A graduate of Yale University, John has a Ph.D. in computer science and an M.D. from the University of Michigan.

After some initial work in internal medicine and oncology, he spent most of his career working on electronic medical records: first in a cancer center in Baltimore, at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, and then at commercial firms in Atlanta and Seattle, before retiring from GE Healthcare in 2012.

At NIH, John managed the information technology department of a research hospital, supporting physicians and nurses in the conduct of clinical trials in a patient care environment. In commercial firms, John was a product manager for physician-oriented software, managing product development teams across sites in both the U.S. and India. In “retirement,” he does some consulting, is an avid reader on current events, and frequently drives his wife Paula on her rounds as a visiting nurse for hospice and home care.

John began rowing as a freshman lightweight at Yale and resumed the sport when he discovered the newly founded BIR in 2001. He has been a long-time board member and served as BIR President from 2002 to 2003 and subsequently in various roles (including maintaining the website, photography, public relations, launch fueling), most recently as a Board member again.

John and Paula have a son, a software engineer in Seattle, and two daughters, one a jewelry artist and college instructor in Seattle and the other a Special Agent in Diplomatic Security for the U.S. Department of State, currently serving in Moscow, Russia. Their younger daughter rowed for BIR in its early days when she was at BHS and also coxed her father’s boat of masters men.

John rowed with three other BIR “old guys” at the Head of the Charles in 2003 and continues successfully rowing in the “veteran masters” category.

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Marc Stewart - BIR Board - SecretaryMarc Stewart – Secretary

Marc Stewart served for 22 years as U.S. Naval officer aboard three submarines and as an acquisition professional within the Engineering Duty Officer community. He was responsible for up to 50 men and multimillion dollar repair and maintenance budgets in engineering and operations departments.

Arriving at the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Laboratory in 1999, Marc developed and marketed to the Navy over several years a variety of systems for collecting, assessing, and applying environmental data to enhance the decision-making process for the employment of acoustic sensors. He convinced the Navy of the value of glider-based autonomous undersea vehicle technology and led its debut in 2004.

Marc planned and directed sea trials for a multi-institution, collaborative multiyear program involving numerous acoustically networked sensors including several different undersea vehicles. He led a multiyear collaborative applied research program that developed, applied, and demonstrated to the operational Navy software that optimizes placement and operation of active acoustic sensor systems with the Navy’s anti-submarine warfare communities, resulting in successful market transitions.

Outside of work, Marc has served as a member of his church’s board of directors, as Scoutmaster and Committee Chair of his son’s Boy Scout Troop, and as vice president, president and secretary of Bainbridge Island Rowing during its march toward building the Stan Pocock Legacy Rowing Center.

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Kurt Frost - BIR Board - TreasurerKurt W. Frost – Treasurer

Kurt Frost is a native Bainbridge Islander who attended the University of Washington and graduated from the UW Business School with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Kurt has been a licensed CPA in the state of Washington (license #10302) since 1985.

He worked for nearly eight years as a Certified Public Accountant with KPMG where as an audit manager he oversaw audit and review engagements in a variety of industries (including manufacturing, retail, and nonprofits) with his largest clients being Eddie Bauer and the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Waste Fund. To audit the Department of Energy, Kurt was awarded a “Q” clearance – the agency’s highest level of security clearance.

After the birth of his first daughter, Kurt decided to transition to private industry, becoming the Chief Financial Officer for Magnolia Hi-Fi, a local, Seattle based consumer electronics company in 1991. As a member of the executive team, he helped Magnolia double its store count with expansion into the Oregon and California marketplaces. In December 2000, Kurt worked with ownership to sell Magnolia to Best Buy where he then became a Vice-President of Finance. In this role, Kurt’s responsibilities expanded beyond oversight of the Accounting/Finance functions to include Custom Home Installation, Repair Services, and Warehouse Operations.

Additionally, he partnered closely with Best Buy to create and expand the Magnolia Home Theater concept (“store within a store”) to Best Buy locations across the United States. Desiring to remain in the Puget Sound area rather than relocate to Best Buy’s Minnesota headquarters, in 2009 Kurt became the Chief Financial Officer of both Emerald Services, Inc. and Cedar Grove Composting, Inc.

Emerald was a regional provider of environmental services throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska and Cedar Grove Composting was a large, local recycler of organic materials at two western Washington plants. Kurt was the primary responsible executive for the sale of Emerald’s Alaska operations in late 2014 to an international entity and the remaining Emerald operations to a large, public entity in mid-2016.

Kurt rowed at the University of Washington, as did his maternal grandfather and father before him. He became Treasurer of Bainbridge Island Rowing in 2003, serving six years in his initial stint. In 2011, he became an active member of the men’s master rowing team, and he was re-elected to resume his duties as Treasurer in 2017.

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Jennifer Ames-Karreman - BIR Board - DevelopmentJennifer Ames-Karreman – Development Chair

Jennifer Ames-Karreman has been on the BIR Board for nearly six years: two years as Board Secretary, two years as President of the Board, and her last year and a half as co-leader of the Development Committee. She and her family have lived on Bainbridge Island for 27 years.

Jennifer was a Starbucks executive and worked there for 28 years. She now runs her own consulting business and is currently writing a book. Jennifer is a nationally and internationally known speaker on the subjects of organizational culture and customer connection. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications/Advertising from the University of Washington and also earned an advanced degree certificate from the UW Business School.

Overall, she’s known for being a highly collaborative leader who works well with diverse groups of people at all levels globally. Her career highlights include significant contributions toward the startup of Starbucks retail business and non-retail businesses, growth initiatives, and the communications of Starbucks values and business practices. She was part of the team that crafted Starbucks’ mission and principles early on and has led projects that span 42 countries.

Jennifer and her husband Frank love to travel and explore with their two daughters Nancy (Pomona College Class of 2018) and Anneke (Seattle University Class of 2020). Scuba adventures, hiking, and growing organic veggies in their garden are activities the family love to do together. Jennifer and Frank helped chaperone and cook for hundreds of high school rowers with their daughter Anneke who rowed for BIR between 2012 and 2016.

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Patrick Batson - BIR Board - CommunicationsPatrick Batson – Communications & Corporate Outreach Director

Patrick heads up BIR’s Communications Committee and also oversees the corporate outreach strategy of our Development Committee.

Patrick has over 16 years of executive and management experience in environments ranging from startups to enterprises and in industries ranging from high tech to consumer goods. He has held leadership positions in marketing and sales for almost 20 years. His core areas of expertise are strategy, market and stakeholder analysis, business development, process optimization, strategic communications, and marketing analytics.

Patrick holds an MBA from the University of Washington and a B.A. in Humanities from Northern Arizona University.

Patrick is a Bainbridge Island resident of 11 years and has one daughter who is a varsity rower in the BIR Juniors and another who started the program in the summer of 2017. He is also participates in our Masters rowing program.

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Tom Coble - BIR Board - Masters LeadershipTom Coble – Board Director and Masters Sculling Coach

Tom and his wife Linda have been a part of the Bainbridge community for 21 years. Tom came to rowing indirectly through his son who rowed in high school and at university. He took up the sport after retirement and soon moved from sweep boats to sculling, where you will find him when on the water today.

Tom has a B.A. from California State University in Communications and a Masters in Human Resources and Organizational Development from San Francisco University.

In addition to teaching workshops, Tom has been a guest lecturer at California State University Long Beach and Pepperdine University. Tom was a partner in a Behavioral Consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles until his retirement in 2009. In his practice, Tom focused on culture, change, leadership, and communication, and he worked with senior leaders in client companies across North America and Europe.

Tom joined the BIR Board as President in 2010 and served in that position for three years. He is an active Board member today serving on several committees. He also serves as a part-time coach with the masters program.

When not on the water or in the boatyard, Tom can be found chasing fish with a fly rod, singing with the Bainbridge Chorale, in the kitchen making a mess (and good food), and trying to keep the forest at bay from his house.

Helping Bainbridge Island Rowing continue to grow and succeed is his passion.

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Tim Dore - BIR Board - Rowing CenterTim W. Dore – Rowing Center Committee Chair, BIR Construction Project Manager, and City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) Liaison

Tim is a fourth-generation Seattle native attorney. He grew up in Leshi and attended the University of Washington Business School with an emphasis in Finance. He obtained his Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University of Law School in 1989.

He worked in private practice with the law firm of Oles Morrison and Rinker focusing on insurance, construction, and real estate matters. He then worked as a Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Snohomish County, representing various public officials in complex litigation in state and federal court.

Tim worked directly for the County Executive as part of the $160 million CRI project in Snohomish County on multiple construction projects (including the County Records Building) in all facets of the project, including permitting, formal solicitation, contract negotiation, demolition, construction, contract administration, commissioning, and the eventual move of staff.

Tim has worked for Casey Family Programs for 11 years in the real estate department and has been involved in more than $150 million of real estate transactions in multiple states. He is responsible for a $30 million portfolio as well as lease locations in 11 states.

Tim purchased a small cabin on Bainbridge Island in 1999 and moved to the Island full-time in 2011. His family has been involved in public service his entire life. Tim is past President and current Treasurer of the Fred H. and Mary S. Dore Foundation. He has been a member of the Bainbridge Island Rowing Board since 2014, and is the Board chair of the Rowing Center Committee.

He is married to his best friend, Theona Jundanian. He has two children who are both currently rowing, Samantha (Stanford Class of 2019) and Hudson (BHS Class of 2018).

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Rob Hershberg - BIR Board - OperationsRob Hershberg – Safety and Operations Director

Rob and his family have lived on Bainbridge Island since 1996. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in Biochemistry and Biophysics and a B.S. from the University of Pittsburgh in Chemistry.

Rob worked for 37 years in the biotech industry and had a major role in the development of many biopharmaceuticals at Genentech, Amgen, and Hoffmann LaRoche. He continues to consult in the biotech industry.

Rob’s wife, Eileen, is an attorney and the Board Chair of the Pacific Northwest Region of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and a member of the National Executive Commission of the ADL.

He greatly enjoys sculling and biking.

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Ellen Hresko - BIR Board - Juniors Parent LeaderrshipEllen Hresko – Personnel and Juniors Leadership Team Liaison

Ellen spent her childhood moving with her family around the world and within the United States: Her stops ranged from Japan and Puerto Rico to Pennsylvania.

After college in Pennsylvania she was invited into the United States Peace Corps Honduras Program, where she worked for three years alongside farmers and their families, teaching sustainable agriculture techniques. After leaving the Peace Corps, Ellen worked in Washington D.C. for an international consulting firm, helping to manage USAID contracts in legal reform in countries like Haiti and the former Soviet Union.

After meeting her husband, Ellen moved to Seattle and then to SE Asia (Cambodia and Vietnam) where they lived for the next 4 years. During this time, Ellen worked for the World Wildlife Fund on sustainable resource management programs in and around protected areas. After leaving SE Asia, Ellen and her family, now with two children, moved to Switzerland.

In 2003, Ellen and her family moved to Bainbridge Island. While primarily being responsible for her two children, Ellen started teaching yoga and mindfulness, activities she has maintained until present day. Additionally, she became a mediator through the Dispute Resolution Center of Kitsap County.

In 2009, Ellen and her husband took their children overseas to Thailand for two and a half years in order to expose them to another culture. During this time Ellen began her pursuit of a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. Ellen has worked for the past three years for Kitsap Mental Health Services in Bremerton with children and their families and recently opened a private practice on Bainbridge Island, focusing on depression and anxiety, trauma/PTSD, major life transitions, and grief and loss.

Ellen’s involvement in BIR is thanks to her daughter Eve. Eve joined a summer introductory rowing program out of middle school and has been rowing ever since. Ellen credits Eve’s strong sense of self as being heavily linked to BIR; specifically, she has watched her daughter and cohort develop confidence, strength, perseverance, as well as the interpersonal and teamwork skills that are so essential to the growth and development of young adults.

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Isabella King - BIR Board - Juniors RepresentativeIsabella King – BIR Juniors Representative

Isabella King was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico but has lived on Bainbridge Island since 2001 when her family rented a house in Fort Ward. On Bainbridge, Isabella played soccer and tennis and was a competitive horse rider throughout grade school, traveling around the Pacific Northwest and up into Canada. In school Isabella is currently part of the freshman orientation committee, has traveled to Belize with a group studying biology and has also spent a month in the backcountry completing a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) course.

Isabella’s love for the outdoors pushed her to try rowing as a freshman. Since then, she has enjoyed working hard to become a key part of the BIR Varsity boats and hopes to continue with rowing in college. Off the water, Isabella’s hobbies include snowboarding, swimming, hiking, and spending time with her wonderful friends.

As of March 2018, Isabella began serving on the Board of Directors for Bainbridge Island Rowing as the Junior Board Representative and will continue in this role through her senior year at Bainbridge High.


Wendy F. Dymoke – Development (On Leave)

Wendy Dymoke, her husband Steve, and their three young children moved to Bainbridge Island in 2000. All three children attended the Bainbridge Island Schools: Cameron (Bainbridge High School class of 2012), Keegan (BHS class of 2014 and now a student at the University of Wisconsin), and Gracie (BHS class of 2019).

Wendy graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison with a B.A. in Consumer Science and Business. She worked for Nordstrom out of college and soon realized that she wanted to make more of an impact on her community. She then began her lifelong career in philanthropy with the United Way of Orange County.

She and husband Steve moved to Seattle in 1990 where she spent ten years with the United Way of King County, rising from a campaign staffer to the Director of Annual Campaign Operations, responsible for the planning and operations of the $50M+ annual workplace campaign. Wendy then started her own consulting practice where she worked with various not-for-profit clients to develop and implement campaign strategy, major gift campaigns, and fundraising events.

She has continued to work with United Way as well as The Alliance for Education (where she helped establish and manage the John Stanford Endowment Fund), the Bainbridge Island Children’s Museum (now KidiMu), and Islandwood. Wendy joined the IslandWood staff during their first year of operation and spent nine years with them, first as a part-time campaign manager and eventually as Vice President of Philanthropy.

Wendy has served on her church’s Board of Directors for four years, two years as President, and she has volunteered in her children’s schools and for their many activities. She was a volunteer for BIR during her middle son’s high school rowing career and joined the board in 2014. Her daughter also began rowing in 2015. Wendy is serving her second term on the BIR board and serves as co-chair of the organization’s fundraising activities. She also helps lead the Capital Campaign to build the Bainbridge Island Rowing Center in Waterfront Park.

Michael Najarian – Masters Coordinator (On Leave)

Michael Najarian and family moved to Bainbridge Island in 2003 to establish a permanent home for his then young family. As father of four children, he found that Bainbridge Island and its highly regarded school district offered the perfect mix of small town community and excellence in education. He graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Distinction and holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Prescott College.

Michael’s love of Psychology led him to private practice in the field of Mental Health. His previous work experience in rolling out highly effective marketing and sales campaigns in the publishing, technology, mental health, and consumer products industry have been most helpful in his present volunteer efforts with Bainbridge Island Rowing where he now serves as a board member after a term as Vice President.

Before his move to Bainbridge, Michael worked for 13 years as President of his own company, Personal Growth Productions, LLC, which grew to international acclaim as the strategic planning, marketing, and sales arm of the Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus juggernaut of the 1990s. Under Michael’s leadership, the book’s title became household words in more than 45 languages. Unique marketing strategies and proactive, outside-the-box solutions resulted in product/service awareness and sales that far exceeded both internal and publishing industry expectations. Michael went on to host the nationally syndicated Mars/Venus Radio program where, for four hours daily, he became the research and application voice of the Mars/Venus brand.

Prior to opening Personal Growth Productions, Michael owned and operated travel agencies in and around Silicon Valley, a role that led him to a consulting relationship with software developers. This work resulted in an automated accounting system for travel agencies that was sold to Worldspan, the automation arm of Delta, TWA, and Northwest Airlines. Michael was then hired by Worldspan to oversee beta testing, branding, launch, and consumer implementation and education.

Michael’s first company, Pepe Le Rouge, created the original design and scent still in use today by Victoria’s Secret stores for their signature sachets. From a one-pound sample of flowers, sales grew to over 8 tons per month as both Macy’s and Nordstrom purchased companion concepts and products.

Michael, his wife, and children are all presently enjoy rowing and a host of outdoor sports on Bainbridge Island.

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