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Stan Pocock Rowing Center: The Progress

Together we have completed construction of the Stan Pocock Rowing Center!

2024 will mark the 1st full year of operating programs and community rentals of the “great room” in the newly finished space! Hurray! There’s lots of progress being made on the Stan Pocock Rowing Center! Your generous donations will help us finish funding the balance of loans needed to finish the project. Read our latest Donor Update to learn more…

March 2024, Stan Pocock Rowing Center Update to Donors



We’ve replaced this: BIR Open Boat Storage - Snow

BIR Juniors - Tennis Court Team Meeting

BIR - Original Eagle Harbor Boatyard

BIR Juniors - Tennis Court Erging





The upper level, finished in the fall of 2023, features a large multipurpose space with floor-to-ceiling windows through which you see Waterfront Park and Eagle Harbor. It opens onto a spacious deck from which you can step directly into the park. This space has literally been built around the Quinault, a magnificent, historic cedar shell (made by Stan Pocock) which hangs from the center hall ceiling. 

The Pacific Northwest History Wall, currently in production, will be installed early in the summer of 2024.  Pictures from original photographs embossed on to porcelain tiles will honor Stan Pocock, the rich history of rowing, title nine women rowers, our exceptional coaches who have positively impacted so many lives – the many youth and adult rowers who have been the heart of our programs, and of course, our generous donors who, like Stan Pocock, saw the value in investing in inclusive grassroots community projects.

So now, we have

  • Room for at least 32 boats and equipment that are protected from the elements, from damage, from theft.
  • An indoor space for exercising or working out with rowing machines.
  • A beautiful meeting space for both BIR and community gatherings.
  • Office space for our administrative staff and coaches.
  • Workshop for repairing and maintaining boats and equipment.
  • Conference room for both BIR and others to hold meetings.
  • Catering kitchen to support gatherings with meals or snacks.
  • Indoor bathrooms/changing rooms with showers.


Please help us repay our generous members who provided the funds that allowed us to finish the Stan Pocock Rowing Center and to begin reaping the benefits of this new facility for both BIR and the greater community.


Your donation to the completion of this project will help BIR pay off its final loans!

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