Bainbridge Island Rowing

Stan Pocock Rowing Center: The Progress

Together we have RAISED THE ROOF on the Stan Pocock Rowing Center!



We’ve replaced this: BIR Open Boat Storage - Snow

BIR Juniors - Tennis Court Team Meeting

BIR - Original Eagle Harbor Boatyard

BIR Juniors - Tennis Court Erging



But we’re not done yet…


While boats and equipment are protected, completion of the the upper level, including a workout/community gathering space with views over Waterfront Park and Eagle Harbor, a kitchen, locker rooms, and classrooms cannot be completed until sufficient funds are raised.

The upper floor, with decks walking out onto Waterfront Park,  has literally been built around the magnificent, historic cedar shell, Quinault (built by Stan Pocock) which hangs from the center hall ceiling. The Rowing Center will host displays honoring Stan Pocock, the rich Pacific Northwest history of rowing, our exceptional coaches who have positively impacted so many lives, the many youth and adult rowers who have been the heart of our programs and of course, our generous donors, who, like Stan Pocock see the value in investing in inclusive grassroots community projects.

Help us FINISH STRONG and complete the Stan Pocock Legacy Rowing Center

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