Bainbridge Island Rowing


Bainbridge Island Rowing, in conjunction with USRowing and clubs across the country, is launching a new SafeSport program. 

What is SafeSport?
The SafeSport program is designed to build and support a sports community where participants can work and learn together, free of emotional, physical and sexual abuse and misconduct. This is done by providing training resources and best practices standards to coaches, staff, volunteers and athletes.

In response to reports of sexual misconduct within the US Olympic and Paralympic Movement, the US Congress passed legislation in 2017 to establish the US Center for SafeSport, which promulgates safe sport policies and training programs for all sports included in the Olympics and Paralympics. Rowing is obviously one such sport and US Rowing has initiated its own SafeSport Program as of January 2022, which includes a requirement that each local rowing organization also establish a SafeSport program.

All BIR Coaches, staff, athletes and volunteers are required to complete SafeSport training. The level of training is dependent on the individual’s age and role within our programs.

Together, we can ensure that BIR is a SAFE AND HEALTHY environment for our athletes. Read on to learn more. 

Reporting issues of misconduct to BIR via the SafeSport Reporting Form. Report here if you have experienced abuse or misconduct—or if you have reasonable suspicion of abuse or misconduct inflicted on, or by, someone within our organization.

Reports may be made anonymously. However, BIR encourages the complainant to provide enough detail to allow for a proper investigation if required. All reports of misconduct are initially treated as confidential. The confidential nature of a report is maintained until the complainant determines that they wish the report to become a formal complaint. If a complainant requests, a confidential report may be provided to BIR strictly for inclusion in a case file without further action.

Sexual Misconduct: All issues of sexual misconduct will be forwarded directly to the U.S. Center for SafeSport following the procedures found at, as well as to state and local enforcement agencies as required.

Click Here to Submit a BIR SafeSport Incident Report