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Brentwood Featured

Brentwood Regatta 2018: Photo Gallery

The Brentwood Regatta is a well-established affair, hitting its 48th year this past weekend, April 27-29. The event draws 1600 rowers and coaches from 34 teams hailing from Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Bainbridge Island Rowing sent its...

BIR Learn to Row 2018

These People Learned to Row – It’s Your Turn Next

Andrea Forbush, Larry McGrail, and Janet Duxbury know how. A bunch of your neighbors know how. The Bainbridge Island Rowing masters and juniors know how. Do you? Don’t worry if you haven’t yet learned to row: Bainbridge Island Rowing’s...

BIR Juniors Varsity Lakeside Scrimmage - Spring 2018

Lakeside/Harborside Photo Gallery: Lakeside Scrimmage 2018

Lakeside School (alma mater of both Paul Allen and Bill Gates) met Bainbridge Island Rowing’s Juniors for a scrimmage held simultaneously  lakeside/harborside, and home/away on Saturday, April 21. While the varsity teams squared off in our own...


Covered Bridge Regatta 2018: Photo Gallery

Bainbridge Island Rowing enjoyed a great weekend at southern Oregon’s Covered Bridge Regatta 2018, April 13-15. Masters, varsity, and novice teams alike made an excellent showing and pocketed a sizable cache of medals in all colors. BIR was...

Salt Watta Regatta

Salt Watta Regatta 2018 Photo Gallery

Early Sunday morning the Bainbridge Island Rowing team - varsity and novices - headed south to Olympia for the annual Salt Watta Regatta. BIR was joined at the regatta by Olympic Area Rowing and Commencement Bay Rowing Club from Tacoma.

rowing in a tub

Rowing 101: Your Chance to Clear up Your Crew Confusion

Do you think seat racing is a competition among office workers on wheeled desk chairs? Maybe you secretly wonder if erging is the sound made by a hesitant pirate? Are you worried that your crew illiteracy might embarrass you in front of your rowing...


Our Mission: Get You on the Water (Let’s Start with Saturday)

Because Bainbridge, home to our new boathouse in progress, is an Island, you’d think that most Islanders would have regular occasion and opportunity to be out on the water. But they don’t. Bainbridge Island Rowing is dedicated to...

Bainbridge Rowing Varsity Boys Eight

Try Spring Crew for FREE!

Looking for a great high school sport? TRY CREW!  Bainbridge Island Rowing is offering a FREE INTRO TO SPRING CREW event for all Kitsap County high school students in grades 9-12. No experience is necessary, and no commitment is required. When:...


SOLD! Hamilton Tickets Raise $2500 for BIR

Thanks to everyone who participated in our recent auction. The “Hamilton” tickets have sold, raising $2500 for BIR, and the auction is now closed. Thank you for your support! Original Post: Possibly the Best Valentine’s Day Gift...

Winter rowers eating right

Hey, Winter Rowers! Are You Eating Right?

Jill Castle, MS, RDN, LDN, known as “America’s Childhood Nutrition Expert,” is the author of Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete and co-author of Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High...