Bainbridge Island Rowing
Bainbridge Island Rowing

BIR Member Expectations

Since our founding in 2001, Bainbridge Island Rowing has managed to build not just our membership, but also BIR’s internal culture and our external reputation. We ask all our members to read, remember and respect these basic tenets of the BIR community:

  1. BIR is a membership organization

  • BIR needs the talents, contributions, and ownership of all members.
  • Active committee participation by all members is encouraged.
  • Where differences of opinion arise, please respect BIR’s processes for resolution.
  • All members have a shared responsibility to contribute.
  • No one speaks publicly on behalf of BIR, except as authorized by the Board.
  1. Communication is essential

  • BIR’s ethos is “Seek first to understand, before seeking to be understood.”
  • Complaints should be respectfully addressed first to the issue’s primary party/parties.
  • If the issue is with BIR policies, please first address a coach or board member.
  • Everyone is busy, with many responsibilities; their time must be respected.
  • Members are encouraged to refrain from calling beyond 9:00pm for BIR purposes.
  1. Mutual respect is expected

  • Among BIR members and the BIR community at large.
  • Such respect must be reflected in both words and deportment.
  • We are a multi-generational organization; adults and juniors must treat each other with mutual respect.
  • Building and maintaining a positive reputation is always important to BIR.
  • Members should keep in mind that their actions reflect on BIR’s position at large.
  • All BIR members and coaches are always role models for new members of all ages.
  1. Safety is paramount

  • All established safety rules must be respected and observed.
  • Behavior on the water must be responsible at all times.
  • Recklessness will not be tolerated and may result in suspension.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and drug use are not compatible with safe rowing.
  • As athletes using the public waterways, members must respect and observe the same protocols as all other boaters.
  1. Boats, equipment, and facilities are important and expensive

  • Responsible use is everyone’s obligation.
  • Members are required to report equipment damage or failure to the person in charge of the row so that prompt repair can be made.
  • Please also let the person in charge of each row know if any expected items are missing or not as expected.

Meeting or exceeding these expectations ensures the growth of our Kitsap County rowing community and maintains the positive benefits for all the members of Bainbridge Island Rowing.

Please remember – We Are All In This Boat Together.

JL Foy 11/17/02
Revised 2/20/03
Revised 8/21/18


Please Right-Click here to download a pdf version of BIR’s Member Expectations document for offline use.