Bainbridge Island Rowing

BIR Community Spirit

While a portion of the BIR rowing community’s strong sense of team spirit comes from the necessity for tightly-coordinated teamwork on the water, much of it comes from the many memorable experiences shared by our community out of the boat. From cheering on brother and sister crews from the shore, to supporting teammates throughout all-weather travel and close-quarter road accommodations, our members form deep, life-long friendships.

Because of the amazing range of ages among the BIR membership, we have teens, adults, seniors and ‘super-agers’ all pulling together both in the boat and out. As a result of that diversity, we enjoy one of the West Sound’s most interesting social calendars.

The bonds forged at BIR have seen junior rowers return to Bainbridge Island Rowing after college (both as members and coaches), masters rowers progress from rank novices to regatta winners, and former rowers return to the sport to enjoy the camaraderie anew.

Photos by Sarah Lane, Tina Stone, Stefan Goldby, Linda Cox and Charlie King.

The Bainbridge Island Rowing community spirit will be strengthened by the completion of the Stan Pocock Legacy Rowing Center, providing BIR with a set of meeting rooms, year-round training facilities and social spaces like never before.