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Stan Pocock Legacy Rowing Center – FAQs

Answers to some common-asked questions about the new rowing center on Bainbridge Island…

Why will the rowing center be located in Waterfront Park?
Waterfront Park and its beach are uniquely suited to provide close and necessary access to the waters of Eagle Harbor. The harbor is the best body of protected water on Bainbridge Island, providing an excellent course for training. Within walking distance from the Bainbridge High School, the rowing center will also be a short walk from the heart of the island, downtown Winslow. BIR has operated from this site, with the approval of the City, since 2005.

Who will use the rowing center?
Bainbridge Island Rowing’s mission is to offer rowing opportunities to the general public and to include all who want to participate. We offer rowing programs year-round for both high school students and adults. Approximately 200 Juniors and Masters are currently enrolled in BIR programs.

BIR offers scholarships to enable high school and adult athletes to participate in rowing. Our Learn to Row program, administered through the Bainbridge Parks and Recreation District, allows high school students and adults to be introduced to the basics of rowing. Rowing helps participants enjoy the surrounding waters and also promotes healthy living and respect for the environment.

Will the public have access to the rowing center?
Yes! A large multipurpose room and adjacent kitchen will be available to the public throughout the year for community gatherings, meetings, and special events.

Who will pay for the rowing center?
Bainbridge Island Rowing has begun a vigorous, broad-based fundraising campaign with several levels of donations and participation to raise money for the rowing center. We are seeking major donations from individuals and corporations interested in supporting rowing in the Pacific Northwest. The effort will require large donations as well as many small ones.

What is the anticipated cost of building the rowing center?
BIR estimates the costs for the Rowing Center as follows:

  • $60,000 for pre-construction costs (architectural fees, feasibility testing, and permits),
  • $2.94 million for construction, and
  • $1 million to establish an ongoing operating fund (maintenance, utilities, and repairs).

Who was Stan Pocock?
Stan Pocock was a legendary boatbuilder and coach in the Pacific Northwest.
Learn more about Stan and his legacy.

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