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With Help of Community Orgs., BIR Gets New Racks

Rowing requires expensive equipment, and one of the struggles faced by rowing organizations is acquiring that equipment. BIR is very fortunate to have the support of the Bainbrige Community Foundation (BCF), which recently awarded us $6,045 for a new four’s boat rack. The new metal racks will replace a wooden one that has served us well but is finally succumbing to years of exposure to the elements.

Our shiny new fours rack will consist of two uprights and will accommodate six boats. Each upright will include three 48″ telescoping arms, two 55″ stationary arms, and a base. Four floor dollies are also included (two floor dollies will be used for the floor-level boat). The rack structure will be made of steel with a powder coated finish for durability. It will also include anti-corrosive stainless steel hardware and a protective surface material on the arms.

The Bainbridge Community Foundation also awarded BIR $4,300 for racks in 2017. That same year, The Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation (BPF) awarded BIR $3,000 for sculling oars. BIR is very grateful to BCF and BPF for their support. Generous contributions like this help keep our diverse group of rowers on the water and keep our equipment in tip-top shape.

We previously published an article on the sculling oars. Read it here.


oars and racks