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Top Ten BIR Facts

Top Ten BIR Facts You Didn’t Know

You know Bainbridge Island Rowing for its great competitive and Learn-to-Row programs, its active role in the community, and its Stan Pocock Legacy Rowing Center, which is in construction at Waterfront Park. But here are the top ten BIR facts you maybe didn’t know:

#10: BIR has 32 rowing machines available for its rowers and 34 boats available for use by West Sound rowers.

#9: Four West Sound communities are represented in BIR’s current membership (the communities are, in addition to Bainbridge, Kingston, Poulsbo, and Indianola).

#8: BIR’s current membership (junior rowers, masters rowers, and junior rower parents) is more than 250.

#7: More than 50 U.S. collegiate rowing teams have recruited BIR junior rowers.

#6: BIR volunteers dedicate more than 10,000 hours per year to keep BIR’s programs affordable.

#5:  BIR has qualified for youth rowing championships 12 years in a row.

#4: More than 700 adult athletes have discovered or rediscovered rowing through BIR’s programs.

#3: Since 2001 BIR has introduced more than a whopping 750 student athletes to the sport of rowing.

#2: The age span between BIR’s youngest and oldest rowers is 70 years (14 to 84).

And the first of the Top Ten BIR Facts You Didn’t Know is that Bainbridge Island Rowing is the largest year-round high school sports program in Kitsap County.

Want to support the organization that can claim these facts? Find out more about the Stan Pocock Legacy Rowing Center. Want to join us?—to learn to row, click here.