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Time to Register for World Rowing Indoor Championships

So you think you can erg—why not throw yourself into the competition at this year’s World Rowing Indoor Championships? For the second year in a row, the Championships are open to all across a wide range of categories including juniors, under-23, and a range of masters age categories. The Championships happen February 24 at the Walter Pyramid at Long Beach State University.

The championship races are over 2000 meters. Big-time winners are returning to compete, including multiple World Record holder Olena Buryak of Ukraine, World Games indoor rowing winner Oliver Zeidler of Germany, women’s lightweight record holder Christine Cavallo of the United States, 2017 World Games bronze winner Anton Bondarenko of Ukraine, and the U.S. national team.

Rowers can participate in nonchampionship events as well in 500- or 1000-meter distances. There are relays and pararower events too.

The venue will feature 64 rowing machines for racing as well as 40 rowing machines for warmups. Thousands of participants will attend.

Can’t afford the travel? Concept2 will pay you a $400 travel stipend if you meet the time standard for your race in a sanctioned event. Click here for the time standards.

You know you want to do this. Think of all the erging practice you’ve done; this is your chance to put it to good use. The entry deadline for the World Rowing Indoor Championships is January 31. Enter here.


Open: M, LM, W, LW

Para: PR1 M, PR2 M, PR3 M, PR1 W, PR2 W, PR3 W

Under 23: M, LM, W, LW

Juniors: M, W


A 27-35: W, M, LW, LM
B 36-42: 
W, M, LW, LM
C 43-49: 
W, M, LW, LM
D 50-54: 
W, M, LW, LM
E 55-59: 
W, M, LW, LM
F 60-64: 
W, M, LW, LM
G 65-69: 
W, M, LW, LM
H 70-74: 
W, M, LW, LM
I 75-79: 
W, M, LW, LM
J 80-82: 
W, M, LW, LM
K 83-85: 
W, M, LW, LM
L 86-8
8: W, M, LW, LM
M 89+: W, M, LW, LM