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During Your Snow Shoveling Break: Apply to Biddle Memorial Scholarship

Your rowing kid is home from school and practice because of all the snow. At this point, he or she doesn’t even have any homework left to do. After you return from sledding, why not take this moment to apply for a Bainbridge Island Rotary Club Biddle Memorial Scholarship? The award is made “in recognition of athletic leadership and ambassadorship.”

The scholarship, which is new, was launched in honor of Bainbridge Islanders Troy Biddle and his son Baden, both killed by a drunk driver in California in 2017. The scholarship remembers Biddle for his “unwavering work ethic and commitment to others” and Baden for his “pure love of sport and the unique bond of friendship created among teammates.”

The combination of this exemplary father and son sounds a little like a rower, doesn’t it? Rotary says that “Successful applicants are eligible applicants who have made a particular contribution to an athletic/sports team(s), club(s), or organization(s) in the form of leadership, mentorship, sportsmanship, and/or ambassadorship.” They must also be graduating seniors living on and/or attending school on Bainbridge Island.

The award consists of a college scholarship of up to $5,000. Financial need is not a consideration. Athletes need only maintain a minimum GPA, and academic record is otherwise not considered. A Biddle scholarship will be awarded annually until the fund is exhausted.

If you know a rower or any athlete who fits the bill, point her or him to the Bainbridge Rotary website for the application. Submit your application by March 22.

The Biddle Memorial Golf Tournament in September 2018 and direct donations raised funds for the scholarship.

Now you may return to skiing and sledding, whacking snow out of the camellia branches, tossing down cat litter, finding your car in the driveway, mopping up snow puddles in the mud room, and getting your taxes done early. Also, get your Spiritwear shopping done before the 13th!

Photo courtesy of megankhines.

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