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BIR Gets New Ergs Through BIPF Community Grant

An erg is a rowing machine, something that plays a very important role in the lives of rowers. Bainbridge Island Rowing athletes use them all the time for training, especially in the winter when they are off the water, and with so much use the machines ultimately break down and must be replaced. Thanks to a generous grant from the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation, BIR now has three spanking-new ergs.

The $3,000 grant came through in time for BIR to replace the ergs before the start of winter training in November. Each erg is used multiple times a day six days a week for years by BIR athletes to warm up before a practice, train for endurance, and work on form.

One happy junior rower named Tessa was grateful for the BIPF help, saying the ergs are “smooth to practice on, and the monitors work all of the time.” She said, it’s “so nice to have reliable equipment to track my progress. Many thanks to everyone at BIPF.”

Head Juniors Coach and Novice Boys Coach Tim Goss explained that “High quality training tools are integral to our daily workouts and for instruction.” Girls Varsity Assistant Coach Olivia Gangmark-Strickland agreed: “Now we have enough working ergs so one squad can practice all at a time.” She added, “This is a big deal. Having to break up a squad to use the ergs does not make our workout time efficient.”

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation, BIR is often able to use grants for equipment upgrades to keep rowers’ participation fees lower.

New Ergs








Photos by Olivia Gangmark-Strickland and Harrison King.