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BIR Juniors – Registration

There are a number of steps required to register as a Junior rower. They include actions on this page, on iCrew, and on the USRowing website. Please read and complete all information carefully. If you are a returning rower, you may be eligible to skip some of the steps as indicated below.

If you have questions, please email

Step 1:
Login to iCrew to register and pay all annual and seasonal fees. Returning rowers, please login to iCrew directly. First-time rowers, please email to have your new iCrew account set up.

Annual Fees: There are two standard annual fees that all rowers must pay at the start of the calendar year or the first season of the calendar year in which they row, whichever comes first.

  • BIR Juniors Membership Fee: $90/year. For new rowers starting in Fall season, the fee is $45.
  • USRowing Membership Fee. Minimum “Basic” membership required for a $9.75 administrative fee per year. In addition, any Junior rower participating in USRowing’s NW Regional Regatta at the end of the season must pay a $25.25 “Regatta Package” fee. Register and pay online at using BIR’s club code: KRCBC. Membership is good for one year from the time of registration.

Seasonal Fees: Please see the individual season pages for the corresponding BIR seasonal fees, due dates and refund policy. BIR offers a full or partial refund to new rowers to encourage new participants and recognizes that most new rowers have never been in a rowing shell before, and may not know if rowing is the right sport for them before registering.

Scholarships: Scholarships may be available to Junior rowers based on need and funding availability. Visit the Scholarships page for details.

Step 2: 
Read and sign the BIR Juniors Agreements and Waivers using the form below. Please complete all 11 pages of the form before proceeding to Step 3. This form must be completed annually. If you are multi-rower family, you will have the opportunity to enter additional rower names on the final page.

Step 3: 
Submit a WIAA Physical Examination Form, certifying your fitness to participate in rowing activities. This form is to be completed by your physician and is valid for two years. If you have submitted a physical examination form within the past 24 months you may skip this step.

Step 4:
  Complete a float test, which can be scheduled at the Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center, and then submit your completed float test form. If you have already submitted a float test form for a previous season you may skip this step.

Step 5: 
Become a USRowing member (minimum “basic” membership). Sign up or renew your membership at the USRowing Website. Use club code KRCBC (case-sensitive) to be added to the BIR roster. USRowing membership fees must be paid annually (see Step 7 below).

Step 6:
Sign the USRowing Waiver of Liability electronically. This waiver must be signed annually.

Step 7:
 Complete a lift test to demonstrate the ability to lift 35 lbs. (the weight of a rowing shell) overhead with two hands. This will be done at the BIR boatyard on your first day of rowing.

Step 8:
Read and acknowledge the BIR Safety Guidelines, Travel & SafeSport Policy, and Member Expectations. They contain important information that all rowers must know before going on the water.

Questions? Please email the Juniors Registrar at