Bainbridge Island Rowing
Parent Leadership in action - Brentwood

BIR Parent Leadership

BIR is reliant on the volunteer hours provided by its extensive community of rowers and their families. As a way of focusing all that volunteer effort and of keeping the arrangements around practice, regattas, events and more communicated by all, the members of the BIR Parent Leadership team are an invaluable resource.

Covering everything from team management to travel accommodations and from regatta kitchens to social events, the parent leadership team exists to arrange everything outside of the actual rowing activities and to be a first point of contact for almost any question about the Bainbridge Island Rowing juniors programs.

Members of the team serve a single season term, without limit to the number of terms served. One member of the Parent Leadership team is always a full member of the BIR Board of Directors, so that any issues raised within the juniors programs can be promptly brought to the attention of the organization as a whole. All positions are voluntary and much appreciated.


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