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BIR Junior Uniforms FAQ

Q: What uniform pieces are required:
A: Long sleeve tech-shirt and either a team uni, OR BIR team tank with matching trou (shorts). All other JL gear is for practice use only and completely optional.

Q: What color BIR hat, blue or white?
A: If you choose to purchase a BIR hat or visor, either color is fine. Coaches may have communicated a preference to their rowers. However, the navy blue hats absorb heat and many rowers find the white hats more effective during the hot, late season regattas. JL hats have a absorbent band to keep sweat out of eyes while rowing.

Q: We have a blue and white uni from last year, do I need to buy this new one?
A: The new uniforms are mandatory for Novices and optional for Varsity Rowers for Spring 2018. Next year, when the Novice rowers integrate into the Varsity teams, all rowers will need the new uniforms. VARSITY NOTE: for Brentwood and Regionals 2018, all rowers in the boat will need to match. If all of the rowers in a boat have the new uniform, they can be worn for these regattas, otherwise everyone in their boat will wear their old uniform. This only applies to Brentwood and Regionals (and Nationals for qualifying boats!).

Q: What can we do with our old uniform if we purchase a new one?
A: Wear it to practice!

Q: I have a senior who wants the new uniform but only has one season left, what can we do with it then?
A: Sell it on the BIR Parent Facebook Page! Next year’s novice rowers will all be looking for uniforms and many will appreciate the opportunity to purchase them at a discount.

Q: Can parents purchase JL tech shirts, hats or jackets for themselves?
A: Yes! Remember that the sizing is intended to be quite fitted, so size up if needed.

Q: My rower is very tall/has a long torso, what size should I order?
A: Unis and tech tops can be ordered in tall sizes (and short sizes) by asking for a +1″ or +2″ (or -1, -2) to the length. Unis can also be created with a size small top, combined with a size medium bottom, for example. Sending measurements will assure the correct fit.

Q: Can I add a shelf bra to my daughter’s uniform?
A: Yes. JL will add a shelf bra for an additional $12.

Q: How do I know what size to purchase?
A: Have them start by asking a varsity rower of similar size for advice. Uniforms are very fitted and sizing can be tricky. Since all uniforms are made to order, measurements can be sent for a custom fit by using the JL sizing worksheet.