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The BIR Juniors Uniform Team Store at JL Racing is now open for your orders.

You will input your own order and use your credit card. The group order will then be delivered to Jen Pells and handed out to the rowers during practice at the boathouse before the Covered Bridge Regatta.

The store will be open until 2/28 – all orders before that date enjoy team pricing that is based on bulk shipping. Please note that after 2/28 PRICES WILL GO UP as those late orders will have to be shipped individually..

The only required uniform for the Spring Season are one of the two versions of our Uni:
1a. The one-piece Racing Uni (the SIMPLE TORQUE – blue, white and yellow for $85.00)
1b. The POWER 10 Tank and POWER 10 Trou (which is the blue, white and yellow uni design split into two pieces for $48 & $45 each).

While not mandatory, the blue and white long-sleeved Tech Shirts ($43) are handy to have year round as our spring season is often spring in name only and actually quite chilly.

If you have sizing questions click the JL size charts or call JL direct (1-800-831-3305) – they are always very friendly and helpful.

All other items in the JL store are OPTIONAL. (New this year based on multiple requests is the waterproof Duffle Bag for $88.00)…

The JL Racing Store is currently OPEN

BIR Juniors JL Racing Store

The JL Store is open for group orders until Thursday, February 28

[In an emergency, one-off orders for BIR uniforms can be made directly from JL Racing any time by calling them @ 800-831-3305, but please note that one-off orders have a higher price point and a longer turn-around than group orders]


BIR Junior Uniforms FAQ

Q: What uniform pieces are required?
A: Long sleeve tech-shirt and either a team uni, OR BIR team tank with matching trou (shorts). All other JL gear is for practice use only and 100% optional.

Q: What color BIR hat do we need?
A: If you choose to purchase a BIR hat or visor, any of the three colors (blue, white or hi-viz) are fine. Coaches and/or coxswains may communicate a preference to their rowers on a team or boat-by-boat basis for the Spring Season. Do know that the navy blue hats absorb heat and many rowers find the white or hi-viz hats more effective during the warm weather regattas. All colors of JL hats do have a absorbent band to help keep sweat out of an athlete’s eyes while rowing.

Q: Is this the only chance to purchase JL uniforms and gear?
A: No, there are two purchase windows during the year – one at the start of BOTH the Fall and Spring Seasons.

Q: My rower is very tall/has a long torso, what size should I order?
A: Unis and tech tops can be ordered in tall sizes (and short sizes) by asking for a +1″ or +2″ (or -1, -2) to the length. Unis can also be created with a size small top, combined with a size medium bottom, for example. Sending measurements to JL Racing will assure the correct fit.

Q: Can I add a shelf bra to my daughter’s uniform?
A: Yes. JL will add a shelf bra for an additional $12.

Q: How do I know what size to purchase?
A: Have them start by asking a varsity rower of similar size for advice. Uniforms are very fitted and sizing can be tricky. Since all uniforms are made to order, measurements can be sent for a custom fit by using the JL sizing worksheet.

Do also bear in mind that non-Uni BIR gear (t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats etc) for parents, family members and rowing supporters of all kinds can also be ordered year-round 24/7 from the new BIR Spiritwear store operated in partnership with SewSporty.